It's very easy to learn the Cyrillic alphabet, but reading fluently texts written in Cyrillic characters is quite difficult for those who are just starting to learn Russian.

We held a pleasant conversation with the old man.

Rathnakumar decided that he wouldn't tell Honzo anything about the incident.

She is as young as I am.

I plan to do it soon.

Kenton followed them.

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There was only one case of chicken pox at the school.

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You have dirt under your fingernails.

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It will only take a moment to answer the question.


One fire drives out another.


I just want you to know how much I appreciate this.

If you harm her in any way, I'll kill you.

I believe that this is not a good idea.

I never lie... Never, or at least very seldom.

It was impolite of him not to say goodbye.

Anatole earns his living as a street musician.

Alain started singing along with Subra.

The climate in the south of France is ideal.

The knife belongs to the gardener.

Ramsey won't be able to help you.

Maybe we should talk to him.


I want to age gracefully.

Drink your milk.

The mother signed to Alice to follow her.

Are you still happy?

I met your dad yesterday.

I think you need to tell Trying that you love him.

I'm sure that wasn't what Marek wanted to hear.

The storm was at its height.

We're still waiting.


Sho ate all that he wanted to eat.


The washing machine is somewhat out of order.

I never speak poorly of anyone.

Gary almost never speaks French.

I'm sorry I hurt her.

More and more divorcing couples are undertaking protracted and expensive legal proceedings for custody rights over the family pets.


Our house's roof is on fire!

I told him to stay indoors.

The power plant was mothballed because of its outdated technology.

These fields produce fine crops.

Tai goes jogging every morning, rain or shine.

Hello? Are you still here?

I'm trying to save Mwa's life.

Lyndon and I'll do our best.

It would be nice to tell her.


I don't have anything else to do but wait for you.

Did you already do your homework?

Women loved it.


They'll understand us.

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Some days I just really want to run away.

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A price rise is what followed after it.


She wants someone who pays attention to her.

Oh no! I'm late again!! I'm going to get the nickname 'King of Late arrival'.

Is this a pen or a pencil?

We've never been to that place.

This was our fault.

I don't want Hwa anywhere near me.

How did you find out about this place?

Colin did a lot of things right.

Jane threw a glance at us.

You had better make a reservation in advance.

The highways in this country are excellent.

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Nothing scares us.

I don't know anyone in Boston.

There were three men in the room.

Why didn't you ask for permission?

What are you doing today?

Ben committed his diary to the lawyer's care.

Marilyn really wants to go to Boston.


Like you just said, we don't have the slightest chance.

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Sal motioned for Thierry to sit.

What did those men look like?

That's not the question.

You worked hard.

Elliott needs to get into shape.


Oscar almost fainted.

When you arrive in Osaka, please contact me.

Luc wasn't sure what to think.

Ian hates being here.

I haven't been home on a Friday night since I was thirteen.

I knew Stagger would be too tired to help.

A stranger approached him.

I appreciate this opportunity.

You can store information if you use a computer.

I never thought I'd ever see you again.

Perhaps Jacobson will leave.

Ami is a school janitor.

I couldn't live with myself if I ever hurt you.


How long did you go out with Ritalynne?

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I've spoken to her about it.


He remains at liberty.

He is telling us what he did in the summer vacation.

I don't drive often.


Did you see Kee's face?

This train has no luggage van.

You're among friends.


Everett doesn't pay any attention.

Where's the nearest shopping mall?

Malloy always sleeps on the floor.

Excessive gambling causes the same brain changes as a drug addiction.

I left there a little after 2:30.

If you can't read, it's not my fault.

I've got nothing to say.


Martin looks busy.

Life without books is unimaginable.

Middle Eastern oil prices jumped by five dollars per barrel.


I just want to know who's in the room.

Naomi said he wanted to get some sleep.

Graham didn't see that one coming.

I consider fruit to be the healthiest food.

Reid told me that he loved me.


Where the drink goes in, there the wit goes out.

Naomi was one of the victims.

Do you think he is good for the position?


Can someone open the door please?

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A man is known by the company he organizes.

Kanthan really fooled us.

Julius and Raghu launched their boat from the slipway at the tip of the peninsula.


We used to think that was why this kind of thing happened.

Weather permitting, we are going to get to the top of mountain tomorrow.

I am obsessed with learning Hebrew.

Do as Patricia says.

I'm ordering pizza.

He is naturally clever.

The meat cuts tough.


He cast reflections on me.

Johnathan didn't mean to step on Jelske's toes.

You can always quit the job.


Don't you want any orange juice?

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He gave me 10,000 yen.

The marriage must be reported in a document in Japan.

You have competition.

They were standing in a row.

You can only choose one.

I have made a most marvellous discovery.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished.

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I can't remember my password.

The bus broke down at one end of the bridge.

Jim had hardly got home when he crept into bed.

Who asked for your opinion?

On the whole, the country has a severe climate.

Giovanni is scared to tell the truth.

Science, my lad, is made out of errors, but of good ones, for they bring step by step closer to the truth.

Cris got there long after we did.

The revised bus timetables have caused a raft of complaints from the public.

Hey, don't worry.

You should not speak so loud.


It took me a couple of hours to solve this problem.

I am in need of a responsible person.

They have been reading an interesting book.


Jurevis told me Stuart cooked dinner for him.

Matti told me that he wasn't used to speaking in public.

This is the very thing that I wanted.

I swallowed one.

Rabin followed Gerard over the bridge.

Without water, no life is possible.

Craig stood up.


We really have to go.

The cold is terrible this year.

He admonished his son for being lazy.


We must party.

Don't put the books in the shelf upside down.

I'm calling her back.